DIY Garden Ideas

Diy Garden Ideas

Summer is in full swing and we’re all busy enjoying sunny days, cool breezy nights and fresh produce. You might be thinking you’d love to grow your own produce, but don’t have a yard to have a garden. Let’s talk about the different options you have, even if you’re city living.

An easy thing to do would be to start a container garden. These mini gardens can get utilized on decks, rooftops, patios or even the space just beyond your window. If you’re renting your living space, these little containers are also easy to move from place to place. You can get creative and repurpose old material, such as a broken wheelbarrow or bucket to house your plants. If your containers are mostly shaded, grow shade loving plants, or move them to catch some mid-day rays.

If you live in the city, check out if there are any community gardens in your area. Many cities now have arrangements for publicly owned land that you can plant your own fruits and veggies on. It’s a great opportunity to promote community involvement and build relationships with those who live around you.

Last, but not least, you can grow a windowsill herb garden. You may not know this, but a lot of herbs will grow indoors, especially if you have a sunny window that faces east, south or west. If your space is too shaded another option would be to install an energy efficient light to promote growth.

These are just a couple DIY options you have when it comes to growing fruits, veggies and herbs when space is limited. If you try it out drop us a line and let us know what tricks work for you and your small space. Happy planting!