Preventing Scrap Metal Theft

Preventing scrap metal theft

Preventing metal theft is a top priority for Metro Recycling. Non-ferrous metals like copper and aluminum are the most commonly stolen metals across the country, although iron and steel are not exempt, reports the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI). All 50 states have passed laws that combat metal theft and protect legitimate recycling facilities.

Because many recyclable scrap metals can be found in household or everyday items, metal theft is a growing issue in the scrap metal industry. Through regulations and verifying proper sale of metal materials, Metro remains committed to buying and recycling legitimate materials.

How do we prevent materials theft?

To help reduce the unintentional purchase, processing, or sale of stolen materials, we take these precautions:

  • Every recycling transaction is recorded in our computer system.
  • Numerous cameras monitor the Metro yards and record when a transaction was made.
  • Before Metro can accept some materials, such as cars or air conditioners, we require an authorized release or special license.
  • We receive “theft alerts” about stolen materials.
  • Working closely with local law enforcement

Preventing theft protects our community

When Metro Recycling refuses to accept potentially stolen goods, we help protect our entire community. When legitimate businesses prosper, the entire area benefits from improved commerce and jobs. Verifying paperwork and licenses ensures our employees can work confidently for a legitimate business that puts community welfare first.