Recycling Scrap Steel

Did you know that scrap steel is the most recycled material in the world?

What is scrap steel?

Scrap steel is an alloy of iron, carbon, and other elements.

Iron, by mass, is the fourth most common element on earth. It forms a large percentage of the earth’s inner and outer crust. Iron was originally discovered in Egypt around 3500 BC and plays a large role in American history as the star of the Industrial Revolution.

Where do we find steel?

Common items like washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, and other large appliances are all made from steel. Even cars are made from steel. Learn more about recycling large appliances and how to scrap your car.

Why recycle scrap steel?

The iron in scrap steel has an infinite life cycle, meaning it can be recycled again and again without losing its strength. In fact, steel is the most recycled consumer product.

Recycling iron saves 60% of the energy, creates 97% less mining waste and uses 40% less water than mining for new materials.

Recycle your scrap steel at any of Metro Recycling’s three recycling yards in Valparaiso, IN, Griffith, IN, and Blue Island, IL.

Some common and uncommon items that often contain steel

Recycling for business

Rent a dumpster for your business recycling needs. If you’re a contractor or doing a demolition, think of recycling washers, dryers, stoves, hot water tanks, furnaces, and ceiling fans. Recycle scrap metal including clean sheet steel, iron, aluminum, brass, and copper.

Recycling kitchen items

Next time you’re doing a kitchen cleanout, try recycling old cookie and popcorn tins, the outer shell of an old crockpot, metal tea kettles, blenders, and old stand mixers.

Recycling uncommon items

For a few more uncommon items you may (or may not) have lying around, try recycling morgue tables, metal bedpans, barber chairs, or metal strollers.