Scrapping Through the Seasons: What to Recycle All Year Long

Need a little extra cash after the holidays?  Have you resolved to lessen your environmental impact in the new year?  Look no further than a paid recycling center!

According to Nielsen insights, the top five New Year’s resolutions include staying fit, losing weight, enjoying life, spending less money and saving more, and spending more time with friends and family. Do you know what is not on the top five and should be?  Scrapping or recycling!

Paid Recycling Centers

In 2010, the scrap metal industry added $64 billion dollars into our economy and helped dampen the negative environmental impact. By recycling or scrapping metal, it diverts it from sitting in landfills, prevents drilling for raw material, and lowering our carbon footprint. Best of all, there are recycling centers that pay you based on your scrap value.

Don’t know where to start? Here are some tips on where to find scrap according to seasons!

What Can I Recycle in the Winter?

Christmas Decor: When scrapping in the winter, look for Christmas lights and artificial trees, these can actually be recycled!

Pipes, Shovels, and Plows: Cold weather brings busted pipes and snow, so be on the lookout for old pipes, copper, HVAC, busted shovels and plows. Need a new pipe or snowplow? Bring the old ones in for cash to put towards your new ones.

Old Workout Equipment: Out with the old, and in with the new. Have old exercise equipment collecting dust? Bring it our way! 

Aluminum Cans: Super Bowl 52 is in February and it is a great time to collect and recycle aluminum cans.

Recycling for Cash in the Spring

Spring Cleaning: Once the weather gets nice, people start to clean out basements and their garages. Bring in your outdated household items and get paid.

Garage Sales: Do not be afraid to stop by a garage sale or two. You could purchase something that is worth more in scrap than what you purchased it for.

Old Appliances: We love old appliances, just bring them to us!

Wires: Extension cords, cables, and wires are all worth money. If you have a pile of cords and no idea what they belong to, bring them to us. We pay you to recycle them.

Lead Acid Batteries: These batteries are 80% recyclable. The plastic, lead and acid can all be recycled.  

Brass: You can recycle old lamps, sink fixtures, brass collectibles, lighting fixtures and much more.  

College Campus Finds: At the end of the semester, check your local college campus dumpster for old furniture, lamps, and appliances.

Paid Recycling in the Summer

A/C Units: Did your A/C unit go out, or is time for an upgrade? Recycle your old Air Conditioning unit at Metro Recycling, or a recycling facility near you. If you are not an HVAC Contracto make sure you have the correct paperwork. Visit our How to Recycle page for more info. Metro Recycling takes theft very seriously and it will not be tolerated.

Pool Equipment: Summer can sometimes come with unpleasant surprises. If your pool motor doesn’t work or the heater went out, the old above-ground pool finally gave out (aluminum walls), or even if the pool ladder is busted, bring all that recycling into Metro and we will pay you to recycle.

Grills: BBQ grills are usually made of recyclable stainless, aluminum, and/or cast iron. These can be worth the hassle of loading and unloading, just make sure that the propane tank is no longer attached. 

Siding: Summer projects? Residing the house or garage? Most recycling centers will take your old aluminum. Metro Recycling will also take your vinyl siding. While the PVC doesn't have much monetary value, there is great value is in decreasing the impact on our environment.

Aluminum Cans: Cracking cold ones during the warm weather? Save your aluminum cans and recycle them.

Lawn Furniture: A lot of lawn furniture gets damaged in storms. Check the trash after high winds and other storms and recycle the broken furniture.

Fall Recycling Opportunities

Electric Motors: During fall clean up, equipment with small motors like chainsaws and leaf blowers tend to break. Motors like these have copper wiring. These can have a solid return value when recycled.

Tailgate Time: Cheer on your favorite team and save the environment at the same time by recycling your soda cans.

Lawn Furniture: Ready to put your patio furniture away for the winter? If you notice a broken chair or umbrella in the mix, bring it in for recycling.


Now you're all set for an entire year of recycling resolutions! Metro Recycling hopes that you have a safe and happy New Year, and we hope to see you at a recycling center near you soon. Visit any of our locations today.