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Can I Recycle Rusty Metals?

It’s almost August, believe it or not. By this time, you’ve probably dug pretty deep into your tool shed or garage. Did you find a long forgotten shovel, other lawn equipment or patio furniture? Clean out your space and recycle your old rusty equipment at Metro Recycling today.

Recycle Your Lawn Mower at Metro Recycling

With proper maintenance a lawn mower can run for 8-10 years. When you’re finally ready to upgrade to a brand new lawn mower, bring your old lawn mower to Metro Recycling and make a few bucks back!

How to Recycle HVAC Scrap

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) is a rapidly growing industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 15 percent increase in jobs in HVAC by the year 2026.

Recycling Brass Faucets, Fixtures, and Fireplace Tools

Have something broken lying around your home, but not sure if you can recycle it? Or even what metal it is? Discover these common brass items around your home, and get paid to recycle at Metro Recycling!

Preventing Scrap Metal Theft

Preventing metal theft is a top priority for Metro Recycling. Non-ferrous metals like copper and aluminum are the most commonly stolen metals across the country, although iron and steel are not exempt, reports the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI). All 50 states have passed laws that combat metal theft and protect legitimate recycling facilities.

Recycling Electric Motors

When you recycle household appliances, did you know the electric motor is a prime candidate for scrap recycling? Since electric motors are mostly comprised of metallic components, mainly copper and aluminum, they are almost 100% recyclable.

Recycling lead acid batteries

When you scrap your old car, truck, boat, or lawnmower, what happens to the battery? Lead acid batteries are 70% recyclable, so there’s a good chance your old battery will be recycled.

Love Your Planet and Recycle!

What better way is there to celebrate Valentine’s Day—and the whole month of love—than by showing your planet some love?

How are scrap metals recycled?

Do you ever wonder what happens to your scrap metals after you drop them off at a recycling center like Metro Recycling? Learn how your aluminum cans, copper pipes, and sheet iron are recycled and turned into something new