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Metro Recycling Offers Educational Presentations to Local Schools

Valparaiso, IN

Educational Presentations

Metro Recycling recognizes the importance of educating the next generation about recycling and the impact it has on the environment. As the 2013-2014 school year begins, Metro Recycling is offering educational presentations for classrooms of all ages throughout the region to promote recycling for everyone. The presentations are designed to be both a fun and educational learning experience for students.

"We're excited to be in a position to work with schools throughout our region," said LaRae Dykstra, Marketing Coordinator for Metro Recycling. "Each recycling presentation is age specific, and we use interactive games, questions, and photos to engage students. We want them to be excited about recycling and eager to learn."

Educational Presentations

Metro Recycling strives to promote a sustainable community by increasing awareness about what materials can be recycled. The presentations focus on the materials that can be recycled and the impact recycling has on the world around us. Metro Recycling uses educational materials, including the Metro Recycling Children's Activity Book, along with the company mascot, Scrappy the Turtle, to help engage children and make learning exciting.

Each visit isn't complete without a visit from Scrappy the Turtle. Scrappy presents the students with their own Metro Recycling Activity Book as well as an informational brochure for their parents. "The best part is seeing the students' faces light up when Scrappy walks into the room," Dykstra said. "He really gets the children excited and engaged."

Educational Presentations

Since 1988 Metro Recycling has been committed to the environment. The three locations in Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana believe that taking care of the environment involves the whole community. Metro Recycling presentations are designed to educate all community members on the importance and ease of recycling.