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With three convenient locations, Metro makes recycling incredibly easy. We'll ask you to weigh your materials, drop them off in a designated area, and then see the cashier.  See below for the specific guidelines for Illinois and Indiana. 




Customers must be prepared to provide the following for all transactions:

  • Name and address

  • Government issued photo ID or driver's license

  • Signed form affirming material is not stolen.

  • License plate number if they drive into the facility

HVAC Equipment & Copper Recycling

If recycling any copper (including copper tubing or wiring), air conditioner evaporator or condenser with a value of $100 or more payment must be made by check, with the payee being the seller who conducted the transaction. If the seller is a business, the check shall be made payable to the company and not to any individual employee or agent.


Restricted Recycling Purchases

  • Material marked as property belonging to a business or someone else other than the seller

  • Government property, utilities, railroads, guardrails, manhole covers, electric transmission and distribution equipment, including transformers, grounding straps, wires or poles, historical markers, street signs, traffic signs, sewer gates, or any rail equipment

  • Cemetery plaques or ornaments

  • Catalytic converters



The recordkeeping requirements and restrictions on payment for purchases of HVAC recyclable metal and purchases of recyclable copper do not apply to:

  • Electrical contractors

  • Agencies or instrumentalities of the State of Illinois or of the United States

  • Units of local government that have contracted with the recyclable metal dealer in the disposal of metal street signs

  • Common carriers

  • Purchases from persons or businesses regularly engaged in the business of manufacturing recyclable metal, selling recyclable metal at retail or wholesale, and razing, demolishing, destroying or removing buildings

  • Purchase between recyclable metal dealers

  • Purchase from public utilities if a bill of sale or other written evidence of title to the recyclable metal is provided



Customers must be prepared to provide the following for all transactions:

  • Government issued photo ID

  • License plate number, vehicle make, model and year if they drive into the facility


HVAC Equipment Recycling

For those in the HVAC business:You must provide written documentation proving your employment or affiliation with an HVAC company or a receipt to sell us any component of a central air conditioner or condenser,

For those not in the HVAC business:You must provide an original receipt for the unit or a receipt for the new central air conditioner unit replacing the unit you are selling to Metro. If you do not have a receipt, another form of written documentation is required showing that the air conditioner coil or condenser lawfully came into your possession. Metro will determine if the written documentation provided is adequate according to the law. If you have any questions, call ahead of time.

This does not apply to air conditioner window units. You may sell Metro air conditioner window units without restriction.


Catalytic Converter Recycling


Person may not attempt to sell catalytic converters unless they are an authorized auto parts dealer or repair shop or have written documentation (e.g., Receipt, proof of ownership, repair receipt) proving they replaced their catalytic converter resulting in the one they are selling unless it is attached to a vehicle.

We cannot purchase architectural salvage (e.g., plumbing materials, door knobs, light fixtures, doors, siding, etc.) from customers under the age of 18.

** Local and State ordinances are subject to change. Metro Recycling tries to keep the information up to date for the convenience of customers. Please call for further information or if you'd like to ensure this information is up to date.



A Message from Scrappy

“It is important for companies, such as Metro Recycling, to develop a working relationship with local law enforcement. Law enforcement can help Metro Recycling prevent the scrap theft issue by promptly alerting us of stolen material. Metro Recycling will follow procedures prescribed by local and state laws to assist in identifying those individuals who obtain scrap materials in unlawful manners.”

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