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Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Posted on June 22, 2016

Tire Swing

We’ve been focusing on tires in the last few blog posts. To end our section on tire recycling, let’s talk about a DIY project you can do to repurpose an old tire.

Some of the items we use regularly can be reused into something completely different. Tires are one of these items that can be repurposed. We learned a little bit about that in our last blog post, but here is another way to repurpose them. Tires come in multiple sizes, but all can be reused into a staple at your local park or even in your backyard. Creating a tire swing out of an old tire is a great way to reuse it and will also give the kids hours of fun in your very own backyard.

What does it take to make one of these? It’s pretty simple actually. All you’ll need is a tire, eye-bolts, S-hook, 3 shorter chains and 1 long chain, clip hook, connector links, and a swivel piece. Now, if you’re not a handyman this may sound intimidating, but check out this website with step-by-step directions and you’ll soon realize that any man or woman is capable of making a do-it-yourself tire swing.

After you create your very own personal tire swing you can feel proud of not only the work you have done, but also that you did a little part in helping the environment.

Although Metro Recycling does not accept tires we do accept a variety of other materials that you can’t necessarily fit inside your blue recycling bin. Check out our list of acceptable materials here.

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