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Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Posted on May 30, 2016

Reuse and Re-purpose Used Tires

We’ve been talking a lot about tire recycling in the past few weeks. Facts about tires, why they’re bad for landfills and now we’re going to discuss what tires can be re-purposed into.

There are actually quite a few different options when it comes to re-purposing tires. Here is a basic list of the uses for tires.

  • Soil additives

  • Synthetic Turf

  • Playground cover

  • Floor mats for gyms

  • Stall mats for horses

  • Running tracks

  • Ballistic backdrops for shooting ranges

When used for playground cover or stall mats in a stable the tires are made into rubber mulch. There are many benefits to using rubber mulch as opposed to wood mulch.

  1. Fewer tires in landfills. Old tires are given new life instead of taking up valuable space.

  2. Does not blow or float away. Since rubber mulch is much heavier than wood, it is less likely to blow or float away in severe weather.

  3. Lasts longer than wood mulch. Because it does not break down or fade, rubber mulch has a much longer lifespan than wood mulch. Rubber mulch won’t decompose like wood mulch and should hold its color for more than ten years.

  4. in cost to wood mulch. While the upfront cost of rubber mulch is higher than wood mulch, its considerably longer lifespan makes it a cost-effective option.

  5. Makes playgrounds safer. Rubber mulch has twice the fall height rating of wood mulch and will not compact over time. So when a child falls on the playground, the landing will be much softer.

  6. Easy on horses’ knees. When we use rubber mulch as stall and arena flooring, the softness of rubber mulch help to reduce wear and tear on horses bodies.

So as you can see, there are many different ways we can utilize old tires. Finding ways to re-purpose material instead of just throwing it away is great for our environment, saves landfill space, and helps create more efficient uses for materials.

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