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Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Posted on December 15, 2015

Think Outside the Blue Box

See that blue box sitting outside? Yeah, the one with the recycling symbol on it. Did you know that there are many additional items to be recycled that aren’t necessarily allowed inside that box. That’s right. That bike rusting in the garage, recyclable. Those copper wires pulled out of your 20 year old air conditioner, recyclable. The recycling possibilities are infinite when you simply think outside the blue box.

Many people narrow their recycling focus to what the garbage man will take from that blue box plopped on the curb every Thursday. Yes, setting that box at the end of your driveway each week is a start, but it’s only a small start to a big movement. Recycling is taking the world by storm. Everyone wants to convert their minds to ‘think green.’

Recycling is a way to become green and begin to do your part to help the environment. Implementing an at home recycling program is one way to encourage your family to think before they throw something away. A great way to start is by getting children involved. Educate them on where to throw their aluminum cans as opposed to their banana peel. Show them that throwing away the old aluminum siding from the shed isn’t the way to go.

Once you’ve accumulated enough material, take your children to the recycling yard and show them where their collected items go. It’s important to teach them the entire recycling process as well as the importance behind the process. Once inside the yard it is clear to see there is so much more to recycling than many people think. Piles of aluminum, rusty old vehicles and broken refrigerators are just a few items that dot the yard. All of these have the potential to be created into something new all while maintaining a healthy environment.

Taking small steps at home will eventually lead to big steps. Even the small steps can change the environment. Realizing that so much can be recycled is an important small step in the big picture. So next time you go to throw that aluminum siding away because it won’t fit inside the blue box, remember there are alternatives that are better for the environment and profitable for you.

*If you are interested in continuing your recycling education with a recycling yard tour contact us at or visit our website,

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