Recycle: Be Green. Get more green.

We pay you to recycle! Bring us materials such as aluminum cans, copper, brass, PVC siding, aluminum siding, scrap steel, electric motors, paper, cardboard, and more. Just stop by one of our three convenient locations. We'll even tow your scrap car! Visit to learn more. Recycling is good for the environment—and good for you, too. We make it easy. Read More

How to Recycle

How to Recycle

Recycling is easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Bring your materials to a Metro Recycling location.
  2. Weigh your materials and drop them off in our designated area.
  3. Drive on to the cashier. Get paid!

Recycling Supports our Communities

Community Support

Metro Recycling is committed to environmental stewardship in our communities in Northwest Indiana and Blue Island, Illinois. We offer recycling education programs to local schools and organizations. We support a sustainable environment through responsible recycling and scrap-theft prevention programs.

Get Paid
to Recycle

Get Paid to Recycle

You’ll be surprised what can be restored. Maybe you collect cans, paper, and cardboard. Maybe you’re ready to toss an old motor, plumbing, siding, or other construction materials. Why trash what you can reuse? Check our list of what you can recycle, or call us for details.