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Metro Recycling understands the financial stress placed on families and wishes to help ease the burden where it can. At the end of the 2012-2013 academic year, Metro Recycling awarded $1,000 scholarships to three local students within Blue Island, Griffith, and Valparaiso communities. Scholarship applicants were selected based on academic accomplishments and the applicant's efforts to make his or her school and community a better place.

"We're very excited to be able to offer scholarships to students from Blue Island, Griffith, and Valparaiso High Schools," stated Neil Samahon, CEO of Metro Recycling. "We understand that our company's success depends on the strength of each community in which we operate and thus feel compelled to give back to the community to express our appreciation."

The Metro Recycling Scholarship was sent to all high schools that fell within the Blue Island, Griffith, and Valparaiso city limits. After reading through a multitude of great applications, the scholarship committee decided on one recipient from each town - Kathy Rodogiannis of Blue Island, Bailey Swan of Valparaiso High, and Caylee Adams of Griffith High.

"Kathy, Bailey, and Caylee have all excelled in their classes and have been prominent members in their school and community activities," said Samahon. "Each recipient has given their time and energy to make their high schools and communities a better place."

Kathy Rodogiannis graduated from Blue Island's Eisenhower High School and plans to study medicine. Bailey Swan graduated from Valparaiso High School and will be attending Indiana University this fall to study Environmental Science. Caylee Adams graduated from Griffith High School and is planning to study speech pathology in the fall.

"We were excited about the number of exceptional candidates, and it was hard to only choose three," said LaRae Dykstra. "As all applicants continue their education, Metro Recycling wishes them the very best."

Since 1988, Metro Recycling has been committed to the environment. The three locations in Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana believe that taking care of the environment involves the whole community. This is the first year offering the Metro Recycling Scholarship, and Metro is excited to offer college support for many more years to come.

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