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Metro Recycling is honored to be the recipient of two 2012 Go Green Awards for their kids' activities book and website. The national-level advertising awards program, Go Green Advertising Awards (GGA), is developed specifically for the promotion of green-themed products and services. The GGA awards recognize excellence in green advertising efforts and promotion for a more sustainable tomorrow.

"We're proud that these efforts were recognized by the 2012 Go Green Awards," said Neil Samahon, CEO of Metro Recycling. "We work hard to reach the community regarding the benefits of recycling and providing educational resources on all the various types of materials that can be recycled."

Metro Recycling serves the Valparaiso, Griffith and Blue Island, IL communities by accepting a long list of recyclable items, including but not limited to aluminum cans, copper, brass wire, scrap steel, scrap iron, stainless steel, radiators, vinyl and aluminum siding, electric motors, paper, and cardboard.

In addition, the company focuses on increasing community awareness of the impact recycling has on the world around us. With educational materials, like the Metro Children's Activities Book, characters such as Metro's Scrappy the Turtle are helping kids and parents learn about recycling through mazes, word games, and coloring. In addition, the Metro Recycling Website, offers tips and tools for kids and adults to help keep levels of trash down, reducing landfill waste and helping the environment.

"We strive to help the earth's sustainability by spreading knowledge of materials that can be recycled," said LaRae Dykstra, Marketing Manager for Metro Recycling. "We offer tips on recyclable materials on the website and educate on the process and ease of recycling with facility tours and classroom presentations."

Since 1988, Metro Recycling has been committed to the environment. The three locations in Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana believe that taking care of the environment involves the whole community. The Go Green Awards are helping them to continue their efforts of educating staff and communities on the importance and ease of recycling.

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